Sunday, 9 May 2021

Corona Doldrums

 The epigraph of my book of poems on the year 2020



From time to time

I get the feeling

Helpless my

World’s a reeling,

The turbid clime gives

Stress undue,

But palliative poetry

Comes to the rescue.

Corona Doldrums by Anuradha Bhattacharyya

Friday, 25 December 2020

The Webinars


Conferences, seminars and symposiums were sponsored

Once in a year by academic institutes

With scrutiny of the strictest kind…

The new norm has transported everyone abroad

In a jiffy, with the onrush of emotion,

The need to strengthen ties with others

Across the length and breadth

Of this wonderful planet –

That so near threatens

To be taken over by a clever virus

That’s evolving every month for a better grip

On human life, animals and birds,

Devouring the richest heritage of medicine

In no time, straining all of human faculties.


The webinars have solved the quandary

Of distance, and through virtual exchanges

Much of knowledge is still spread,

Discussed, analyzed and reformed. Well,

Thanks to the time of the twenty first century

The century of hi-tech and the century of the internet;

Thanks to all the homework done before

Now work from home is not a problem.

We did not know what would befall this year

But we did want the speed of light.

From wheels of wood we have come this far

In our toils on this vast planet of ours

That no one should blame us

For lack of movement from place to place anymore.

Wednesday, 23 December 2020


In a void,

Stranded for a short while,

The space, the environment chokes you.

You fear the limit,

The possibility of containing nothing,

Screaming to be released from the trap.


It must be terrifying –

The fear of the uncontrollable, the unknown

The lack of a prospect.


It is possible to demonstrate

Dignagar Poetry Festival (Online) December 2020

How a person is driven crazy

With the fear of nothing.


It will never go

Unless there is acceptance

After which progress can be made.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020



We cannot now step back

In the midst of a struggle

And think how or when

It will give us strength

For the future.

We can only wait and watch

While all along

Like the worm wriggling out of a cocoon

With gumption and fortitude

Try to become the better of ourselves.


Words and numbers transposed

Often render a new meaning

Not available to the quick eyed.


Can offer a service to a people

Far superior to their own.

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Virtual Classes

Our leaders

Asked us to be self reliant

But all about me is

Micro chip reliance

There used to be 

A hundred hearts

Throbbing in the cover

Of the school 

Now lost in quantum space

Are floating heads 

You can not tell if the heart is in it

On screen 

It so seems

The nose might have it

Or maybe the eyebrows

I practically feel 


Talking to infinity

Paranoid chatter 

And much less


In virtual space.

Friday, 8 May 2020

My Genome

To think that my genome
Knows who is foreign
And how to treat it
As guest
Politely but with distrust
Not open up the treasures
And let it in
To split, conflict, scatter
All of me in union
This would be a humble
How many invaders crossed the land
With the high ambition of looting
How many succumbed
To my polite hospitality
And accepted dormancy
The thought makes me proud.

Thursday, 30 April 2020


Bread and cheese for lunch
On a fasting stomach,
A drumstick for dinner,
Non-veg, light, evenly roasted,
Sprinkled with oregano,
Taste of the day
Well-spent in creative activity.

One way to expel CO2 is
Cycling to the lake;
Another, yet to tell.
The day is not far away.
Yet clammy skin stinks
And I am not going to let it.

More poised am I with a laptop
A reclining floor sofa for gaming,
A mug full of green tea
With raisins
That’s right.

Inertia in the bones
For blood to work on synapses
Click click
Go the keys.

Dry skin rub dry face
Dry eyed

Towards a single goal.